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Product documentations;

Wedding Planner: http://doc.freevision.me/wedding-planner 

Salon: http://doc.freevision.me/salon 

Shaver: http://doc.freevision.me/shaver 

The Adventure: http://doc.freevision.me/adventure 

XSide: http://doc.freevision.me/xside 

BuildMe: http://doc.freevision.me/buildme 

Odio: http://doc.freevision.me/odio 

WpCloud: http://doc.freevision.me/wpcloud 

Logistic: http://doc.freevision.me/logistic 

Coiffeur: http://doc.freevision.me/coiffeur 

Rosie: http://doc.freevision.me/rosie 

Enjooy: http://doc.freevision.me/enjooy 

Cotrast: http://doc.freevision.me/contrast

Support Policy (Please read carefully)

We Provide support for issues / bugs regarding the item or features

  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • Providing updates to be ensure compatibility with recent software versions
  • Free installation like preview site (in case requested)

We don't provide support:

  • Customization requests
  • Support for third party software, plug-ins and related conflicts.

Note: Please supply WordPress Dashboard access credentials (as admin user, you can always create temporary user for us) in order to get faster and efficient help..